onkolo hide

Onguma’s fabulous new water-level hide affords guests a great opportunity to calmly sit and enjoy nature unobserved. Amateur and professional photographers alike love the angles and light from this equipped hide. 

There is a small ablution facility nearby Onkolo Hide, benches from which to view the surroundings and lots of windows and vantage points for creative camera angles.


  • You can book a session with a guide before you travel to us, or enquire at the lodge.
  • Minimum age 16 years.
  • Costs – refer to the rates page.  

“A day at Onkolo Hide at Onguma Safari Camps in Namibia: For this timelapse, I shot 6000 frames over 20 hours and stitched them together to play back in just 3 minutes! Watch closely at the end for some exciting nocturnal visitors visible in the light of the full moon! Thanks Photos&Africa for supporting the project!” – Morgan Trimble Photography

Photography Awards

The Onguma Onkolo Hide offers a distinctive opportunity for encountering wildlife, placing the observer at the same level as the animals. This setup proves to be highly advantageous for both professional and amateur wildlife photographers seeking exceptional shots. Numerous acclaimed photographs taken at Onguma, particularly at the Onkolo hide, have garnered prestigious photography awards.

See a few examples below: