onguma private airfield

Africa takes on a new perspective when you experience it from the sky. Nothing beats starting your African Safari by landing in the middle of the bush on a private airstrip. Onguma Game Reserve offers guests an opportunity to start their safari from the moment they touch down at our private airstrip!

Onguma has completed and opened the undercover aircraft parking space at Onguma Airfield. it is 30mx15m clear span open ended undercover parking area suitable for aircraft up to Caravan size. 

The under cover parking area and taxiway now has a concrete surface, ensuring planes an easy and safe transition from the calcrete runway to the undercover parking area.

5×5 meter concrete run up  pads are located on both ends of the runway to accommodate engine run ups without damaging propellors. Turning circles at both ends of the runway have also been created. 

We now hold AVGAS (1000 litres) and JET A1 (400 litres) in stock in sealed 210 litre drums at the airfield. There are filtered and metered hand pumps for JET A1 and AVAGS respectively and a drum trolley to cart the drums around. 


Latitude: S 18°43.541’
Longitude: E 17° 05.321’
Elevation: 1085m
Width: 20m
Length: 1280m
Turning circles: Eastern and Western end of runway.
Surface: Compacted white calcrete gravel for full length
Orientation: East –West (99/279 degrees)
Windsock: Size: medium, Colour: Orange, Located south of Runway, west of hangar.
Hangar: 15 x 30M -suitable for Cessna Caravan, concrete floor.
Run up pads: 5 x 5 meter concrete at both ends of runway.
Fuel: Jet A1 and AVGAS. Please confirm before arrival.
Radio: 124,8 Mhz

Please Note:

  • Facilities at the Onguma airfield includes 5 X 5m cement run-up aprons at both ends of the runway as well as a 7m concrete taxiway from runway to the hangar.
  • The travelling time from the airfield to any of the Onguma camps is approximately 20min in open game drive vehicles.
  • Please ensure that the correct ETA is forwarded to our reservations department along with your booking confirmation and clearly state that guests will be landing at the Onguma Airfield.
  • Please ensure that the correct airfield is communicated to us when the booking is made.
  • Confirm refuelling requirements prior to arrival.


  • Caution when wet: Runway surface is Calcrete gravel and may be slippery during or soon after rain.
  • Powerlines: 600m east of eastern threshold.
  • Gravel track: 70 m parallel to the runway, (south). DO NOT attempt to land on this.
  • Wild Animals: NB: this field is unfenced and extreme caution should be exercised to avoid game on or next to the runway. ​

Approach view: heading 279°

Onguma Private Airfield

** Please note that the flying of drones at Onguma is prohibited **