Onguma Anti Poaching Unit

“Hundreds of thousands of rhinoceros populated Africa and Asia at the beginning of the twentieth century even after centuries of demand for rhino horn from the Middle East, India, China, and eventually the West. Today illegal hunting accounts for the vast majority of rhinoceros deaths and poaching throughout the Asian and African continents is largely spurred by demand from wealthy individuals in Asian nations eager to show off their financial success. But antique and gray market products of ambiguous age still thrive around the world as the price of rhino horn increases to more than $60,000 per kilogram ($1,700 per ounce).”

Conservation on Onguma...

The biggest threat our wildlife currently faces, is poaching. This is due to the high value of rhino horn, ivory and many other animal products, making focused conservation efforts an even more vital necessity.

Rhino poaching activity in Namibia has increased dramatically during the last 4 years.

Five years ago we hardly had any cases of poaching on Onguma and within the last 2 years we have lost an estimate of 15 Black Rhino.

During the last two years, we have seen a great increase in the sophistication of the methods used to poach rhino and other wildlife.

We are up against highly progressive criminal networks and have therefore reacted with radical counter poaching initiatives to combat the poaching crisis. As a result, we now have a well-trained, fully equipped Anti-Poaching Unit patrolling our 34 000 ha private Nature Reserve day and night. Every day.

In order to keep our rangers safe and to allow them to do the best job possible at tracking down and apprehending poachers, they also need to be equipped with the best tools and technology for the job.

Since the APU has been on Onguma, we have seen a drastic decrease in poaching instances. Due to our conservation initiatives we have successfully apprehended poachers on multiple occasions and continue to collect evidence to assist in successful prosecution.

We firmly believe this is as a result of our team’s passion, hard work & constant presence on the ground.

If you would like to make a difference, please support our Anti- Poaching Unit to help protect our Rhinos!

As the custodians of this unique nature reserve, it is our duty to help and protect the wildlife within for the survival of the species. Not only Rhino, but all animals. Without our input and protection, wildlife will go extinct very soon as greed and power dictate demand. 

Visiting Onguma is not only about experiencing wildlife in a natural environment, more importantly it is about helping to protect it.